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Sugar factories

Our services include complete supplies of new technological plants of sugar factories, as well as reconstruction, modernization, or expansion of existing technologies. Since the company began in 1991, we have been providing expert consulting and project activities in the field of heat loss calculations, equipment reconstruction, and production capacity increase, including complete construction preparation.

Currently, we are able to implement the entire production technology, including the supporting operations of the sugar factory.

We provide a complete industrial automation solution, built on modern control and information systems, which includes modules for creating production reports, production tracing, balance of raw materials and energy, complete laboratory control, and much more. When designing a specific solution, we work closely with the customer, so we are able to adapt the solution to his requirements.

Sugar factories photos

Connectivity and complexity

We use a combination of technologists, mechanical designers, electrical designers, and programmers during the entire life cycle of projects from design to implementation. This combination, which is completely unique within the market, brings our customers an effective and comprehensive solution, where the design process of the machine-technological solution, automation, and production information system takes place simultaneously from the very beginning of the design.

Efficiency in all directions

Raw materials, energy, and time. Everything that affects operating costs and production efficiency we keep in mind. Optimization of processes, dynamic control, energy monitoring and management, choice of effective regulation methods, online monitoring of energy leaks, evaluation of long-term efficiency, all of this is part of our solutions.

Selected references

Tereos TTD a.s.

General designer of the distillery - Tereos TTD, a.s., Cukrovar Dobrovice, Bioetanol TTD

We became the general designer for the French company Tereos TTD, a.s. Together, we managed to build a production plant producing bioethanol from sugar intermediate products. So far the only one in the Czech Republic.

Brčko Refinery, Studen-Agrana

Delivery of complete automation part of a sugar refinery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The control system is built on the Delta-V DCS system. Actuators, as well as complete instrumentation, to the extent of more than 3500 I/O control a sugar refinery with a daily production of 2000 tons of sugar.

Sugar factory Prosenice

Delivery of a complete production information system for a sugar factory including the complete production agenda, beet purchase records, laboratory, operational monitoring, and evaluation of production balances. The entire information system is based on the TomPack Flower Suite platform, which ensures the daily agenda from the very control of the technology, the laboratory diary, records with the automatic connection of process data, and management balance tools.