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Process control and automation

We specialize in providing automation solutions for industrial enterprises. These solutions include automation of production processes, control of machines and production equipment, and collection and analysis of process data.

The automation of industrial processes brings an increase in efficiency and productivity, a reduction in labor and energy costs, the elimination of errors, and an improvement in product quality. Concentrate on your products and leave the worries about their production to us.

Our automation services include preliminary design, detailed design, implementation, commissioning, and after-sale service. We thus provide services throughout the entire life cycle.

Range of services

  • Analysis and design of solutions according to the specific customer requirements.
  • Delivery, installation, and implementation of a complete industrial automation solution, including the software and hardware required for its implementation.
  • The possibility of integration with the existing environment to achieve maximum efficiency of production processes and cost efficiency.
  • Support and ongoing training for operation and maintenance staff.
  • Regular maintenance and service help desk 24/7.
  • Development and innovation of new solutions in the field of industrial automation.